Quotation of the Day

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

La tahzan, innallah ma'ana..

Quote of the life:

La tahzan innallah ma'ana

Life is not easy. It's harder than what we expected. We can be at the top or at the bottom at anytime that he wants. He could take what he lend it to us at anytime that he wants. He is the superior since he is the Almighty Allah.

Kita hanya akan ingat Allah apabila kita dalam kesusahan. Kita hanya akan ingat Allah apabila kita dalam kehinaan. Kita hanya akan ingat Allah apabila kita berada dalam kesukaran dan apa sahaja yang berkaitan dengannya. Kita lalai. Kita alpa. Kita leka. Kita lupa. Istiqama itu satu perbuatan bukannya secalit perkataan.

I should work harder and I could achieve it with the help of Him. Only him.

Friday, September 4, 2009

subjects *sigh*

Now, I'm in the Angel Hall onlining using Apple PC which can be easily found in Umich. Sounds pretty cool, huh? I just spent USD500 for my textbooks which I hope that it will benefit me this semester. So, this is the subject that I would take this semester.

1) Calculus 1 (killer subject) - hope that I could find solutions
2) Physics 1 (killer subject)
3) Introduction to Anthropology - Race & Ethnicity subject
4) Engineering 407 - Entrepreneurship in Engineering
* I think this subject would be a promising subject since they would invite
great speakers from different area of entrepreneurship and the speaker will
share their experience with us.
5) Engineering Profession

From my viewpoint, being a transfer student in the University of Michigan is quite hard since I have to compete for my place in College of Engineering. So, for the first two semesters here, I have to meet the requirement to apply to the College of Engineering for next Fall. I think I have to be a nerd guy in this university.

*Notes: Dedicated to my beloved lecturers in INTEC, thanks for all your knowledge and may Allah bless you always. Thanks for everything!! =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting of a new life...


I still could not face the reality that I have been officially a week in USA. It's quite different here. The climate, the community, the streets, the languages used and many more.

Since Michigan is situated in the north of USA, it is really cold here. I was told that it could reach until -31 degree Celsius during winter. I could not imagine how I will face winter here. Secondly, the community here is absolutely different from Malaysia. I could meet with variety of students coming from more than 100 countries. The diversity of people here is enough to make me miss Malaysia. How abut the streets? I could not deny that the streets here are really clean. Maybe their attitude is better than Malaysian people included me. That's what I think we should change.

Here, I could easily here variety of languages being used. But, I'm still proud to be Malaysian people and I'm proud with my language. There's one time in Islamic center where Syazwan and I had a chance to talk with a Pakistani-an who already stay for 10 years in USA. When I said that I come from Malaysia, he suddenly said KLCC. At least, Kuala Lumpur is well known and we had a trademark and we should be proud of it.

The next thing is about Islam society in Ann Arbor. I was lucky since Ann Arbor is one of the biggest Muslim population throughout the states. I could see lots of people from different races, different skin's of color and different citizenship shared the same religion and they could socialize among each other well. That's the beauty of Islam that I can't find in Malaysia but I finally found it here.

Last but not least, I'm onlining using an Apple now!! Lol..

Friday, August 21, 2009


I want to write something in this blog. There is 2 more days left before I will embark to a new place which promise me new communities of course and new challenges. I'm happen to be not-so-excited because I could not guess what will happen there.

Enough about that. I received messages from USA just now. Now I know that we could sent and received messages using celcom there. Haha. But sometimes only..

Anyway, I'm not done with my packing yet. Maybe last minute packing will do.. I don't know what to write.. Hoho.. Maybe I should sleep now.. Lastly, wishing you all Happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak and Happy Fasting!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009



Wow! After some calculation, 24 days left before i will be embarked to a new country. Is this considered as migration? Haha. But one thing for sure. I don't feel excited. Maybe nervous a bit but not excited. Things are getting hectic days by days and I have BTN to attend this week. Hope that it is enjoyable as it did during 2006. But, I'm excited to go to pc fair and at least spend some time with her. Anyway, hopefully I can really use my remaining time in Malaysia wisely.

Talk with MARA is quite okay and I received a lot of money (which I never dream of). And the money comes with hopes and responsibility (I suppose). Hope everything will be fine there. People please pray for my success..

Friday, July 24, 2009

just babbles...


It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog. Maybe it’s because of limited time to scratch anything comes in my mind into a piece a paper (It’s just a lame excuse). By the way, to my surprise, I only have one month left before I’m heading to a new land. Most of my holiday is full with activities such as playing games, finishing my visa application, filling up MARA’s form (it’s really a lot), and spending my time with beloved family.

Talking about university, I don’t really feel the excitement of going there like my other friends have. Maybe because I’m heading to a place of new environment, new people, new language ( I mean the accent), new friends and lecturers (of coz), celebrating hari raya in a new place (maybe new style.. no rendang, soto.. haha). But in positive ways, I have a chance to widen my perspective view. I get a chance to know people who have different thinking styles. But as usual, there are things that we scared of when we are heading to a new place. For me, I scare that I won’t finish my study there and have to pay back MARA and the second thing is I scare whether my iman is strong enough to face tougher challenges there.

I do hope that I will perform there and made my parents proud. Ya Allah, made me strong. I have to face the challenges. Umich, here I come.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Salam. Sudah berkurun lama rasanya saya tidak menulis post di blog ini. Mungkin rasa tiada idea bercampur kemalasan tahap maksima menghalang saya daripada menulis blog. Seperti yang saya katakan dalam entri yang lepas, saya sudah ketagihan dengan sajak. Haha. Mungkin minat saya yang mendalam dengan Bahasa Melayu membuatkan saya mudah sahaja untuk menulis. Bukan bermakna saya tidak meminati Bahasa Inggeris, tetapi saya lebih selesa untuk menulis dalam bahasa ibunda saya. Mungkin hati ini tidak terbuka lagi untuk menulis sajak dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Suatu hari nanti mungkin. Haha.

Saya suka menulis dan saya akan menulis apabila terlintas sahaja apa-apa ayat. Saya suka menconteng kertas dengan ayat-ayat pendek yang terlintas dalam minda saya dan itu boleh dikira sebagai draf. Haha. Kebiasaannya saya akan taip kembali di dalam computer dan akan cuba menghasilkan semula karya tersebut. Haha.

ps: Adakah hanya bahasa melambangkan bangsa? Tidak rasanya..